Andy Sanborn

Senator Andy Sanborn is everything we hope for in a non-conventional, freedom-loving Legislator, who seconds as a policy geek and an unabashed admirer of his wife, Representative Laurie Sanborn, but not in that order. Hailing from the “Live Free Or Die State,” of New Hampshire, State Senator Andy Sanborn, a serial entrepreneur, only became politically active in 2007, yet today is recognized as a true leading force for personal liberty, personal freedom and common sense in the political arena.

Known for his quick wit, inability to spell, sharp financial acumen and fierce loyalty to friends and family, this 4th generation NH native unabashedly fights for limited government, economic opportunities for all and as his friend US Senator Rand Paul says, “A government so small we can barely see it.”

As current and past Chairman of the Senate Commerce, Health/Human Services and Ways and Means Committees, the Senator has multiple disciplines of policy expertise where he pushes back on the over reach of government and fights for everyday people.

A boundless energy that only the Irish possess, Senator Sanborn’s love of debate is so absolute, it has been rumored there are pictures of him debating his wife’s’ cat, Bunnie.