Dan Meuser

Dan Meuser spent his life creating jobs, serving the public, and investing in his community. Now Dan is running to represent Pennsylvania’s 11th District in Congress.

Dan Meuser is running for Congress because he believes our politics today are broken. Rather than rally around our country, too many politicians on the left are more interested in scoring political points. Now, more than ever, conservative leaders who know how to get things done need to step up and run for office so we can have an economy that works for everyone.


Dan grew up in a typical middle class family. His dad was a police officer and his mom stayed home with his siblings until they went to school and she rejoined the workforce.

It was at home where Dan learned the dignity of hard work, the value of public service, and the duty to help others. He also learned that a problem was just an opportunity to make things better.

After high school, Dan attended the New York Maritime University and transferred to Cornell on a Navy ROTC scholarship.


Dan joined a small company his brother and father started called Pride Health Care (later named Pride Mobility Products). Dan helped build Pride Mobility into an industry leader in the power mobility field. Over two decades, Dan helped build Pride Mobility from a small business to a large employer. It was named one of the state’s best places to work.

Dan’s greatest accomplishment at Pride Mobility is creating thousands of family sustaining jobs that have helped thousands of workers provide for their families.

Pride Mobility continues to lead the industry and improve the quality of life for people around the world.


In 2011, Governor Tom Corbett nominated Dan to serve as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Revenue.

Dan worked to reform the Department of Revenue (DOR), increase collections, and put into place customer- rst procedures. Under Dan’s leadership, DOR started treating taxpayers like customers and applied private sector ideas to the Department.

Dan reminded DOR employees every day that every decision they made should be aligned with putting more money in the pockets of taxpayers.

Dan’s leadership was recognized by the Council On State Taxation for having the most dramatic improvement of any department of revenue in the country, going from a D rating to an A-, the largest improvement of any department that year.


Dan and his wife of 27 years, Shelley, have raised their three children here in our community. Over the years, Dan and Shelley have worked to improve their community through countless charities and neighborhood improvement efforts.

Dan also worked tirelessly to make sure we elected conservative leaders at all levels of government. Dan supported candidates across the state financially. Even more important, he invested his time and energy in getting candidates elected, including Congressman Lou Barletta and President Trump.


Now Dan is ready to put to work his experience and conservative values for the people of the 11th District. As our Congressman, Dan will be a conservative problem solver who is accessible and present in our community.

Dan will fight for an economy that works for everyone, a tax system that values the middle class, and to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.