Doug Bennett

Doug Bennett is a Solution Architect who works with Fortune 500 companies to provide innovative, cost-effective technology solutions. He has worked with Oracle, Archer Daniels Midland, Jones Lang LaSalle, GlaxoSmithKline, CCH and others. Doug knows that the key to solving problems is to truly understand their underlying causes, and not to focus on just symptoms. His blend of financial acumen, management savvy, and technical expertise provide his clients the cutting-edge solutions that they need to thrive.

Doug grew up in New Jersey, where his father, a veteran, ran a small manufacturing business and his mother taught mathematics at the local high school. He learned the values of hard work, family, and the pursuit of excellence from his parents. Doug learned about the reality of competition from his three siblings, Tod, Glenn, and Stacy.

Doug’s passions include teaching, mysteries, his family – his wife Jennie, and their children Allison, Elizabeth, and Thomas; and puzzles of all kinds. He is an avid contributor to his son’s Scouting troop, helping run the Pinewood Derby. Doug and Jen try to teach their children not only academic skills, but the importance of giving back to their community, through Toys for Tots, Hope for Silent Voices, and their church.

Doug has been involved in politics since he joined Chris Smith’s successful congressional campaign in 1980 during the start of the Reagan revolution, and has assisted many local candidates in Lake County.

Doug holds a BS in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University.