Jay Webber

Jay Webber is a son of north Jersey. Born and raised in Clifton, Jay went to high school at Saint Joseph in Montville, and after law school settled his family in Morris Plains. He’s a successful small businessman, but you’re more likely to see him at his daughter’s swim meet or coaching his son’s baseball team than in a board room, as he and his wife Johanna are raising seven wonderful children.

Jay is a common sense conservative who wants us to keep more of our money in our pockets, decrease outrageous government regulations, and keep our country and communities safe. He’s a fiscal conservative with no qualms about voting no on the budget or other lavish spending bills, and will always stand up for his constituents, even if it gets him crosswise with leaders in the legislature.

He is running for Congress because he believes Washington could use a little bit more north Jersey common sense. Common sense like lower taxes on the most heavily taxed state in America. Common sense like laws that keep our communities safe and borders secure. And common sense policies that keep our greatest asset as Americans, our freedom and liberty, protected from big government bureaucrats.

Jay has stood up for average New Jerseyans for his entire career simply because he is one of us. If elected to Congress, he’ll keep doing just that.