John McCann

A Bergen County resident and General Counsel to the New Jersey Sheriffs Association, John. J McCann is a constitutional conservative who knows how to fight and win for the American people. John first became passionate about public service when his father was shot – a victim of domestic terrorism – in a holdup while on duty working for Brinks. Seeing how everyday citizens could be impacted by politics, John became passionate about serving his community as a civil servant.

In the early 1990s, John realized his first opportunity to actually help fellow citizens as a University of Pennsylvania Fellow on Health Care. Assigned to Republican Senator Arlen Specter, John analyzed over 6,000 pages of health care legislation proposed by President Clinton, known as the Health Security Act.

Designing a citizen-friendly chart to clearly show the deleterious effects of the proposed legislation, John visually exposed HillaryCare as nothing more than a takeover of one-seventh of the U.S. economy. John’s leadership which helped to turn public opinion against – and ultimately defeat – HillaryCare.

In 1995, when running for State Assembly in LD 37, John became the first person to introduce the idea of a 2% property tax cap for New Jersey. While serving on the Council in Cresskill, John fought against 10% municipal pay increases. During his time in local public office, John successfully created a plan to finance and build a community recreation center – without any taxpayer money.

Founding a small business as a practicing attorney, John continued his passion for public service by becoming General counsel to the N.J. Sherriff’s Association, advising sheriffs across the state on both legal and policy issues.

As legal advisor for many Chiefs of Police, as well as General Counsel for the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation in New York City, John became personally acquainted with the severe hardships everyday Americans face and the dire need for a voice the fight for real and lasting change.

So in 2010, John worked to elect and then reelect the first Bergen County Republican Sheriff in nearly a decade. Serving as General counsel for the Sheriff of Bergen County, John played an integral role in keeping the office’s budget below the rate of inflation – saving taxpayers over a million dollars in inmate medical spending, while at the same time drafting and implementing a new family leave policy that dramatically reduced overtime costs. Most significantly, John shepherded through a legal strategy that eliminated a redundant law enforcement agency in Bergen county saving taxpayers additional millions of dollars.

Yet still, John realized there was only so much he could do as an outsider for the people he’d always felt led to serve. So in November 2017, John declared his intention to run for Congress – to become the change he had hoped and worked for.

John and his wife, Sharon, have been married for 27 years. Raising their two daughters in Cresskill, the McCann’s now reside in Oakland as their daughters attend Georgetown University and New York university. A repeat recipient of New York Magazine’s “New York’s Best Doctors” award in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Share is a high-risk obstetrician, working to deliver thousands of babies who would otherwise not have made it to term.

Featured in the 1982-83 edition of Who’s Who in Karate, John is an avid athlete and coach of basketball, softball and soccer in Cresskill, continuing to play competitive baseball and basketball. Also a talented drummer, John enjoys the local music scene.